Silent Auctions: RIP or Alive and Kicking?

Running a fundraising event with a silent auction is a LOT of work. The auction alone means sourcing prizes, marketing the event, booking an auctioneer, running the auction, collecting money and distributing the prizes. Are the returns worth the effort?...

Bite-Sized Case Study: Gold Coast Hospital Foundation

The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation seeks to provide financial support and medical equipment for those within the Gold Coast community affected by illness and disease. “The Foundation’s priority programs are those that help relieve poverty and distress of people in Queensland that is caused by illness or disease. We currently have a number of patient support services running and aim to grow this area of our work over the coming year/s.”...

Do I Need An Onsite Tech At My Fundraiser?

GalaBid’s number one aim is to help you raise as much money as possible for your cause. It’s why our fundraising digital platform is available as a self-run service or with a GalaBid onsite tech to help you at your fundraising event. But how do you know which service offering is right for you? Here’s when an onsite tech can be a big help:...

How To Engage Millennials At Your Fundraising Auction

Defined as people aged between 21 and 35, Millennials are your new generation of donors. Millennials have the same desire to support your cause as older generations, however, as the tech savvy generation they require a different approach when it comes to engagement. Think tech friendly communication with a personal touch and you’ll get the most from younger supporters at your next fundraising auction...

Want To Raise More? Add These 3 Things To Your Silent Auction.

Looking for ways to squeeze more revenue from your silent auction? Your tried and tested formula has probably produced great results in the past, but it’s always good to find new ways to raise more for your cause or organisation.Here are three ways you can reinvigorate your fundraising efforts to deliver impressive results:...

Which Fundraising Auction Type Is Right For Me?

Good question! Fundraising auctions can make a huge difference to an organisation’s revenue. For many charities, a fundraising auction is their primary annual revenue raiser. Simply put, a fundraising auction will offer prizes that bidders can win by making the highest bid. But with auction types ranging from paper bids to sophisticated digital platforms, which auction type is right for you?...

Bite-Sized Case Study: A Fundraising Gem

The Cause: The Children’s Cancer Institute is an Australian based organisation dedicated to the eradication of childhood cancer. “Every year 950 Australian children and adolescents will be diagnosed with cancer. Every week nearly three Australian children and adolescents will die of cancer. Our organisation exists solely to put an end to childhood cancer. We don’t just hope to do it. We will do it.”

The Joy Of Auctioning Multiple Prize Items

A key goal of any fundraising auction is to raise as much money as possible.  A clever and easy way to boost your fundraising tally is to sell multiple lots of the same item.

How To Promote Your Auction Prize Items Like A Marketing Guru

The way to make the most amount of money from your fundraiser is to get people to make numerous and generous bids. To do that they really need to want your auction prize items. A desire to support your cause coupled with a desire for a particular prize item is a powerful buying combination. It is how your fundraising auction will maximise its returns...

Bite-Sized Case Study: A Diplomatic Fundraiser



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