Bite-Sized Case Study: A Fundraising Gem

The Cause: The Children’s Cancer Institute is an Australian based organisation dedicated to the eradication of childhood cancer. “Every year 950 Australian children and adolescents will be diagnosed with cancer. Every week nearly three Australian children and adolescents will die of cancer. Our organisation exists solely to put an end to childhood cancer. We don’t just hope to do it. We will do it.”

The Joy Of Auctioning Multiple Prize Items

A key goal of any fundraising auction is to raise as much money as possible.  A clever and easy way to boost your fundraising tally is to sell multiple lots of the same item.

How To Promote Your Auction Prize Items Like A Marketing Guru

The way to make the most amount of money from your fundraiser is to get people to make numerous and generous bids. To do that they really need to want your auction prize items. A desire to support your cause coupled with a desire for a particular prize item is a powerful buying combination. It is how your fundraising auction will maximise its returns...

Bite-Sized Case Study: A Diplomatic Fundraiser

Planning A Fundraising Auction? Here's Your Venue Wi-Fi Checklist

If you're planning a fundraising auction, it's highly likely your guests will expect access to Wi-Fi. A strong and reliable 3/4G connection is particularly important if you're planning on using digital auction platforms and technology. It's easy to assume that venue Wi-Fi is a given but it's not necessarily the case. Here's a handy checklist to make sure your fundraising event stays connected...

Holiday Essentials: The Must-Haves For Your Auction Prize Package

Holidays and luxury getaways are popular prize options for auction fundraisers. Often the big-ticket item(s) on the auction hit-list, sought after holidays in exotic locations consistently deliver excellent fundraising results for charities and good causes. But what are the holiday essentials you need to think about or prepare for when selecting your prize items?..

Consignment Update: Wonderful Winter in Stunning Tuscany

Looking for a wonderful winter holiday option for your fundraising auction? GalaBid's popular Tuscan Villa is now available through the European winter months (Oct – Jan). Even better news is we're applying a generous discount for holidays taken during this time...

Do I Really Need A Fundraising Auctioneer?

It's a fair question. If you're running a charity auction every cent or penny needs to be spent wisely. Is a fundraising auctioneer therefore a necessity or a nice-to-have? We believe that the right auctioneer can be one of the most important success factors of any fundraising auction and here's why:...

Bite-Sized Case Study: On The Trail Of A Unique Fundraiser

The Cause: Dartmoor National Park is one of Great Britain's most famous parks. Covering 386 square miles, Dartmoor is home to beautiful moorland, imposing granite peaks and winding riverbanks. An important conservation site, Dartmoor supports environmental and wildlife initiatives to protect the park's heritage and promote education and community connection...

Case Study: On The Road With The Redkite Corporate Quiz

'For young people living with cancer, Australian charity Redkite makes a huge difference to their quality of life. Delivering a range of services from counselling to financial assistance to music therapy, Redkite is committed to providing essential support for children and their families. The organisation is well established with a 30-year history. Naturally, fundraising is critical to ensuring the sustainability of the charity's support to families facing their child's cancer. For over 20 years Redkite has run its highly popular Corporate Quiz...



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