Do I Really Need A Fundraising Auctioneer?

It's a fair question. If you're running a charity auction every cent or penny needs to be spent wisely. Is a fundraising auctioneer therefore a necessity or a nice-to-have? We believe that the right auctioneer can be one of the most important success factors of any fundraising auction and here's why:

Auction Know-How

It may be stating the obvious, but an auctioneer knows the dynamics of fundraising auctions. It may be tempting to ask your emcee to double up as the auctioneer, but unless they have relevant experience you won't maximise the returns on your auction. A professional auctioneer knows how long each bid should take (to stave off audience boredom), how to ensure maximum audience participation, identify key bidders, create competition, encourage giving, control the crowd and be a fantastic advocate for your organisation.

Point of Difference

The introduction of the auctioneer introduces fresh energy to the event. Not only does it give your emcee a break, it gives your audience a break from your emcee. That's not to say your emcee isn't doing a fabulous job! But a new face and voice can re-engage guests with the event and focus them on the auction.

Creating Connections

A professional fundraising auctioneer will inspire supporters to give more. It's important to appeal to guests' connection to the cause. Your auctioneer will know what to say and when to say it. It's not simply a case of reiterating the organisation's objectives. It's about utilising real-life examples, promoting empathy and emphasising the importance of donations (without being too heavy-handed). It's a subtle skill that will ensure your guests leave the event feeling great about the generous contribution they have made to your cause.

Insider Benefits

Your fundraising auctioneer will be an invaluable resource when planning your event. He or she will be able to give you guidance on auction scheduling, prize placement/display and even table set-up.   They will know the nuances that can make the difference between a good auction result and a fantastic one. If they have long standing experience in a particular area, they may also be able to negotiate great deals for you with local suppliers.

How To Find A Great Auctioneer

Once you've decided to book a professional fundraising auctioneer your next step is to find one! GalaBid has worked with hundreds of auctioneers around the world. We can connect you to the perfect auctioneer for your event. Whether you're running a gala dinner or school fair, we can make sure your auctioneer gets the absolute most from your fundraiser. Contact us here to find our more!





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