How To Secure Sponsors For Your Fundraising Event

The drive to secure sponsors for your fundraising event is often a major part of the organisation process. Fundraising sponsorship not only provides important financial support, it can be an effective marketing channel for the charity/non-profit and associated events.

10 Tips For Effective Fundraising Copy

Crafting compelling copy can be tricky. The tone, style and length of fundraising marketing communications are important to get right. Here are 10 tips to make your messages effective.

A Year In Review: GalaBid NZ 2017 Highlights

Last year we introduced you to our fabulous New Zealand team and some of the terrific projects they were working on. 2017 was a successful year for GalaBid’s NZ fundraising partners. Cathy Taylor and her team worked hard to help lots of charities and non-profits beat their event fundraising targets.

Consignment Update: Authenticated David Bromley Artwork

Want to create a bidding frenzy at your next fundraising auction? Highly sought after and difficult to obtain prizes are perfect for exceeding your fundraising target. Whether it’s exclusive holidays, original artwork or unique pieces of jewellery, offering bidders the chance to obtain that hard-to-get prize gives your auction a genuine and desirable point of difference.

How To Generate More With Your Story

The success of your charity fundraiser depends on generating more. From event buzz to auction bidders to money raised – more is better. Generating ‘more’ means extending the reach of your cause. But engaging existing supporters and finding new ones can be a challenge...

GalaBid: Giving The Gift Of Education This Christmas

Every year we work with amazing organisations that are dedicated to improving the lives of others and the environment we inhabit. It’s a privilege to be able to help these incredible charities and non-profits raise more to make a positive difference...

Keeping Your Fundraising Guests In Focus

We recently looked at ways to keep your supporter relationship happy and healthy. Part of maintaining a positive connection will be remembering that the little things matter. Fundraising events are full of opportunities to make the small details shine. By focusing on your fundraising guests you’ll guarantee plenty of feel-good vibes that make your guests feel appreciated...

How To Keep Your Supporter Relationship Healthy

The connection with your supporters has to be a two-way relationship. While supporter donations, advocacy and fundraising event attendance are critical to your cause, so is ensuring that support year-on-year. Much like any other relationship, it means showing your supporters plenty of love and appreciation!...

A Newbies' Guide To Consignment Auction Prizes

Co-ordinating the right prize mix for your fundraising auction is hard work. Your prizes need to be attractive, affordable and offer a variety of experiences and price points. Sourcing donated prizes can mean many hours of door-knocking (and dealing with a few rejections!)...

Bite-Sized Case Study: NZSO Gala Soiree