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How To Engage Millennials At Your Fundraising Auction

Defined as people aged between 21 and 35, Millennials are your new generation of donors. Millennials have the same desire to support your cause as older generations, however, as the tech savvy generation they require a different approach when it comes to engagement. Think tech friendly communication with a personal touch and you'll get the most from younger supporters at your next fundraising auction.

Lets Get Digital

Most Millennials won' remember a world without computers and the Internet. Digital channels will be their primary form of communication. Ditch the paper and take your event marketing online. Email is fine, but make sure your have a strong social media presence too. Keep up-to-date with which platforms are most popular with your target audience and which mix will work for you. Facebook appeals to older users, whereas Instagram is the platform of choice for younger people. Interact with your supporters regularly, acknowledge their stories and thank them for their contributions.

Making A Bid For Online

Getting your silent auction online is the smart way to get Millennials active at your auction. A web-friendly auction site with digital bid features makes it easy for them to participate. Activate the auction ahead of the event itself and push the link out across your digital communication channels.

The Prize Is Right

Want to get Millennials excited about your fundraising auction? Make sure your prizes have a broad appeal. Luxury holidays can be attractive to older and younger bidders if they are in a destination that offers a party atmosphere and peaceful relaxation. Including a few items that have specific Millennial appeal will spark their interest. Look for on trend items that will get them into a bidding frenzy. Right now there's a huge demand amongst young people for vintage and exclusive clothing. With the right audience a hard-to-find $800 hoodie could yield amazing returns.

The Main Event

Carry digital strategies through to your live events. Millennials will love digital platforms that allow them to bid and pay on their mobile devices.   Extend the experience with 'outbid' push notifications and leaderboards with real-time bidding updates. Not only does digital bidding make sense to your Millennial bidders, it also helps create an exciting experience that is highly shareable via social media. Don't forget to include heartfelt thank-yous in the form of personalised acknowledgments. These can be automated but don't be afraid to pick up the phone and make a personal connection with Millenial bidders who make significant contributions.

Finally: Yes, Millennials Really Are Important

It's true that many Millennials won't have pockets quite as deep as your older donors. But they will care about your cause and give as much as they can. Investing in Millennial engagement is an investment in the future of your cause. Younger supporters will accumulate wealth as they get older. Making a meaningful connection with them in the early years will engendergood will and a greater chance of their support in the coming years. 

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