Why and How to Use Online Auction Software for Your Fundraising

Rip up the paper bid sheets; the future of fundraising auctions is here! But does the thought of auction apps and wrangling with online silent auction software bring you out in a cold sweat? The truth is you can give a very slick and professional look to your online auction even if you're not the least bit tech savvy. Not only will your event look amazing, using online auction software is stress free and will help you raise more revenue than you ever thought possible. 


The more professional your online silent auction looks the more people are likely to trust it and feel comfortable bidding. So the first step is to give everything a smart, uniform look with some well-placed artwork and branding. That's easily done with GalaBid's online auction software, which has been designed with event planners and not IT experts in mind. It's a simple matter of choosing theme colours, uploading images and making changes as you go. You can even upload multiple items and information from an Excel spreadsheet and add images directly from your computer.   


Registering bidders securely for your online silent auction couldn't be simpler. Your guests can send a quick text or click through via their browser and they will receive a link to your online auction on their phone or computer. They're now registered and they can bid from anywhere. Yes, that literally means anywhere, because bidders don't even have to be at the event to get involved. 


Using GalaBid's clever online auction software not only means that you can open up the auction to bidders from anywhere in the world, it also means you can rope in social media to maximise the amount of people interested in the items at your auction. A simple tweet or Facebook update can generate all the excitement you need for a bidding war. It also pays to open up your online silent auction days, or even weeks, before the event. When your guests arrive, everyone will be familiar with the items and bidding will be well underway. In 2013 GalaBid's clients secured an average of 39% of their final fundraising revenue before their live event, so it really pays to get the word out early!   


The great thing about GalaBid's online auction software is that it's easy to create a professional looking virtual catalogue to show off your items in all their glory. Your guests can browse, search, create favourites and read any terms and conditions - then bid until their heart's content. Not only will your catalogue look amazing and be easy to use, it will also save you a fortune on printing costs.  


GalaBid's software has many features that help maximise revenue; money that would previously have slipped through the net using outdated auction methods. Supporters will get a text when they've been outbid, prompting them to raise their bid to win the item. Volunteers can also mix with guests and register their details on tablets, even making purchases and bids on their behalf. Straight donations can also be taken and it's easy to set 'buy it now' prices.   


Of course the online auction software is geared to sell as many items as possible for the highest price, but other features include an image or video gallery to show how the donations will be used. There's also the show-stopping 'Donation Visualiser' that will display the donations total rising in real time. There's nothing quite like it to get the bidding fired up!   


Of course, you don't even need to run an event to have a successful fundraiser that will bring in a vast amount of money for your cause. All the excitement and all the features of GalaBid's online silent auction software work just as well in the virtual world. Set up the catalogue, register your bidders, and watch the money roll in!      


Peace of mind is what you need when it comes to dealing with the financial side of your charity auction and the credit card pre-authorisation feature of GalaBid's online auction software will give you just that. You'll love paperless invoicing and the fact that guests can pay with a credit card from their phone. Plus, the intuitive 'Checkout Console' makes taking manual payments a breeze.





GalaBid is CrowdComms’ fundraising software, developed inhouse, which facilitates bidding, donations, purchases, payment for and management of all fundraising activities before and during live fundraising events, galas, golf days etc.