Trade Secrets: How to Register 1000 People for a Silent Auction in Under 1 Minute

Guess what the biggest challenge is when trying to get people to register and bid for any silent auction? It's making sure the audience knows how to register and bid. A large group of people can be hard to coordinate, especially when the group is busy socialising (and it's even harder when alcohol is thrown into the mix). Having instructions online and in brochures is great. As are - volunteers roving through through the audience explaining how to register. However the single most effective solution for getting everyone registered (in under 1 minute!) is to use the MC. All it takes is 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Hear, Hear

Your MC stands up and says, “Now audience we are all going to register for the silent auction right now! What I would like you to do is get your phone out (the MC does this themselves too). Audience please wave your phone around so that I can see it. Audience laughs (we promise!).

Step 2: Number's Up

“Now everybody SMS this number [insert mobile number] and include this message 'Event & your name'

Step 3: On the Big Screen

The phone number is on the big screen.

Step 4. And We're Done

Everybody does this and hey presto 1000 people are registered to bid. After doing 1000s of events over the years, this way is by far the most effective way to register guests and requires no volunteers or extra staff. The secret is in briefing the MC. Get this right and everyone will be registered quickly and smoothly.  By all means use our script as above, but don't be afraid to make it as attention grabbing as you need it to be!

Bonus Tip

Having the registration instructions on the looping leaderboard on the big screen is an easy and constant reminder to your guests. to register.  Make sure the copy is nice and big so everyone can read it – even at the back of the room. From our extensive research (and trial and error) getting people to register via sms is a lot easier than via a web-form. However,  GalaBid allows for both for anyone who really really wants to complete a web-form.  





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