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In the Spotlight…Support Act

While a career in music has always had its particular rewards and challenges, the last ten years have seen a radical shift in the way artists are compensated for their work.

The commercial relationship between artists and listeners used to be a simple transaction of supply and purchase.  Emerging musicians would strive to attain a record label deal that would offer them a long-term future in the music business through physical sales of records or CDs, plus touring.  

With the advent of streaming services, an artist’s ability to secure income from his or her work has been thrown into a state of flux.  As the value of recorded output continues on a downward trajectory, touring and live performance is increasingly relied upon to generate an income 

So what happens if the worst happen? How does an artist survive if he or she is unable to perform?

Support Act

In an unstable industry, where 80% of Australian musicians earn less than the minimum wage, Support Act provides an invaluable safety net.  The only charity of its kind in Australia, Support Act looks to provide musicians with practical and financial help when difficulties arise.

Founded in 1997 by the music industry for the music industry, Support Act has helped many artists through challenging times:

“We’ve paid the rent, kept the power on, repaired instruments, provided petrol, bought school uniforms, helped rehouse a prized vinyl collection, replaced a rotten bed and kept a dog in biscuits. We’ve brought comfort and dignity to many people in the final stages of life.”

Musicians make an important contribution to the cultural, emotional and artistic fabric of our society. They tell our stories, entertain us and bring joy and solace. Support Act like to think of their work as a form of acknowledgement for the dedication of artists and music workers.

Real Stories

Discover the difference Support Act has made to these artists and their families:  



Support Act hold a number of events to raise awareness and funds throughout the year. Their marquee occasion is Music in the House. Featuring an honoured artist each year, the lunch is a celebration of Australia’s musical heritage and held to raise money for musicians and music workers in need. 

This year on May 16, Music in the House will honour the cultural contribution of Australian musician and storyteller, Archie Roach

In addition the event will feature a limited edition raffle.  With only 700 tickets available, ticket holders are in with a great chance to secure a luxury spot on the world famous Ghan, complete with complementary drinks and meals. 

Follow the links to secure your ticket to Music in the House and the event raffle, or you can donate here and make a difference to those who have enriched our lives through music.




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