First impressions count with your silent auction display

Responsible for putting together the silent auction display at your next fundraising event? Silent auctions are your nonprofits 'one night only' storefront and therefore should not be underestimated.   Silent auction displays can have a big impact on how potential bidders perceive the value of the auction items you are offering. Potential bidders only have a few seconds to view and be attracted by your displays. The key then, is to keep them simple, bold and uncluttered. Making use of the same colour scheme, layout, and easy-to-read font as your branding and other marketing material will give the displays a professional and sophisticated appeal. 

Below are four simple approaches that are sure to win over your audience.  

Show, don't tell!

Captivating images are undeniably the best way to encourage bidding on travel packages, lifestyle and adventure items. Visuals that highlight people enjoying themselves will help potential bidders to make connections and ultimately encourage bidding wars.  

Keep it big and bold!

A catchy, succinct heading in a large, bold font will jump off the page and help guests to remember any items of interest. Be sure to also highlight the item number and use dramatic points of emphasis!!  

Include the most important information

When communicating the most essential information, use bullet points not paragraphs. Including large chunks of information on silent auction displays may slow traffic flow or simply be ignored. You want to portray a handful of 'must have' features and facts. Don't forget to also include any terms and conditions, the location of the trip or service and of course, the opening or minimum bid and closing times.  

On the same page:

Prop your one-page auction display on a stand so as it is more visible to passers-by. 'Big ticket' items may even benefit from a being blown up to poster size or being presented as a bi-fold or tri-fold display.   Organising your next fundraising auction? Get in touch.





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