Bringing In The Bucks Tip 1 Magic Mcs

In 2013 we have seen a conscious turn in fundraising event styles that are incorporating more social interaction and relaxed entertainment in a bid to keep fundraising events a fun and enjoyable experience. So with focus being more on fun and interaction rather than constantly on the totaliser board how do organisers make sure their silent auctions and other fundraising platforms still bring in the bucks?

Obviously a great MC is a major starting point: someone that can draw the attention of the room and keep them engaged in donation and fundraising activities is key. They need to be able to command attention when guests are busy talking or moving about the venue and they also need to have the ability to remind guests to contribute to the fundraising activities available without it coming across as a repetitive. Things we have seen work well in 2013

  • Double up: One of our latest clients opted for 2 MC's working as a duo. The audience responded incredibly well as it meant they didn't just filter out one voice. The two bounced off each other perfectly and kept the room interested and engaged, well after the drinks were flowing and the entertainment had started.
  • Working the room: an MC that makes the effort to interact with guests at tables during the times they are not on stage makes the world of difference. If you have had a decent conversation with someone you are much more likely to give them your attention again.
  • Interact: just like a conversation, people easily get bored if they're just being talked at. That's why the best stage entertainers will actually get the audience to bite back. How your MC achieves this can happen in a multitude of ways from anything to the MC coming down into the audience to them pulling members of the audience up on stage. Either way, it's engaging and it's interesting and it keeps people listening to what you have to say. Table games have been a great way some of our clients have achieved this though their MC's at their events.  Follow this up quickly with a reminder about your raffle, donations or auction and you will be sure to require a much higher level of attention from your audience.

More hints, tips and observations to follow shortly





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