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Best Practice: How to Sequence Your Live Auction

Being 'picky' when it comes to putting together your live auction catalogue is extremely important. With only a limited amount of spots available, the order in which you auction off each item, needs just as much thought as what you are selling. Often event managers have a natural tendency to sell only the most expensive items in the live auction. Instead… save some of the good stuff for the silent one! By focusing all your attention on only a handful of elite bidders, you are ignoring the countless number of donors who want to participate and support your cause but can't. So then, how does one capture the attention of all audience members whilst still bringing in as much revenue as possible?   Start with low-priced tangible goods Lower value tangible items such as wine, chocolate or beauty packages, are a great way to start the live auction. These delicious and inexpensive auction items will help engage audience members, giving all guests a sense that there is something there that they can bid on. The idea is to get your supporters warmed up and having fun.   Build your items to the main event The sequence of items in a live auction are typically arranged in a bell curve, with a steady climb to the best, highest value prize. Therefore, the next step up is usually slightly more exciting and slightly more expensive. Here you might offer a customised surfboard, two premium rugby league tickets or an autographed guitar.   The peak of the auction The top of the bell curve is where you position your most sought-after, one-of-a-kind, highest priced items. Unique holiday experiences do particularly well here. This is due to changing consumer demands, with people willing to pay more and more. Lower-priced experiences finish off the night Less expensive packages like the Jervis Bay glamping experience, black ops helicopter flight mission or Fort Denison cheese and wine tasting bring the night to a pleasing end, securing the eager bids of those who may have missed out on earlier items.

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