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Best practice for your onsite charity auction display

When organising a fundraising event, it is crucial to plan out the best way to present your live and silent auction items to your guests. Follow these helpful hints to encourage competitive bidding from your audience members.

1. Presentation of auction items is key

Presentation of your auction items can have a massive impact on how much you take home at your next fundraising event. The more professional and creative your display, the more interest that will be generated. This means placing your items in a uniform manner with well-placed, irresistible décor and branding. When arranging the layout of your display tables be sure not to cluster items together. Leaving an adequate amount of space between each item stops bidders from feeling overwhelmed and helps to draw attention to each individual prize or package.

2. Put feature charity auction items front and centre

Create a buzz by showcasing your most impressive and prized auction items in the most prominent position in the venue. The key is to place these items in the areas of high traffic flow. Lighting and visible signage can also help highlight chosen items and add value. Moreover, when promoting physical items such as memorabilia or art, it is important to place them up high on a table or easel so they can lure bidders in from a distance.

3. Don't underestimate poster displays

It's important to clearly and succinctly display all essential information on a poster size display with captivating and detail-oriented images. Perspex displays are particularly good for holiday packages. For each item be sure to include the title of the item (descriptive titles work best!) in a large, bold font; one or two easy-to-read sentences or even bullet points describing the item in an appealing and seductive way; and any additional information including the terms and conditions, minimum bids and closing times

4. Allow for easy movement around your auction display

People love to browse! Allowing potential bidders to easily move around the floor and access all display areas is essential to maximising your bids. Providing a linear flow with a good flow and plenty of space will allow room for people to cluster around popular auction items without interfering with the movement of others.

5. Clear instructions are an absolute must

And last but definitely not least…don't forget to have clear, easy-to-read instructions on 'how to bid' visible throughout the auction display area. This will ensure that no one misses out on that deluxe getaway or sensational adventure experience.

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