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3 Reasons Why A Big Screen Will Help You Raise More

Fundraising auctions have been revolutionised by digital technology.  

The cumbersome paper bid has made way for online bidding that’s delivered in real-time straight to a bidder’s mobile device.  It’s engaging, flexible and keeps guests in the bidding loop (even if they’re at the bar!)

While mobile screens will boost your fund raising revenue, did you know that the addition of a big screen will lend added fundraising power to your event?

A highly visible large screen provide an exciting focal point to inspire guests and supporters to give even more to your cause:

Sponsorship Muscle


Securing sponsorship for a fundraising event is often time-consuming and challenging.  Persuading businesses and individuals that your cause is deserving of their support can involve a lot of door knocking (and a few knock-backs).

Many organisations want to support charitable causes but most are looking to do-good and receive active promotion of their business.

A large screen at your event can give sponsors the ROI they’re looking for.  

The prominent screen can display a sponsor’s brand throughout the event.  Dynamic positioning, in the form of rotating images or logos, will be sure to grab attention.  As will short videos or presentations. 

Naturally sponsor promotion will be secondary to the event cause, but by offering space within your big screen strategy you can create enticing opportunities that will ignite sponsor interest.

Fire-up the Competition


While mobile devices keep bidders connected to the auction action, the addition of a big screen is perfect for creating a more communal (and competitive!) experience.  

Naturally there’ll be times at a fundraiser where people want to put down their phone.  Whether they’re chatting to other guests or perusing the auction prizes, they can always keep one eye on bid developments via the big screen. 

As the bids roll in it’s guaranteed that guests will gather around the big screen to find out who’s bidding on what; perfect for firing-up friendly competition and boosting bids.

Shine A Light 

Who doesn’t like to see their name up in lights! A big screen leaderboard features a live ticker that puts your bidding heroes front and centre.  

Putting your guests’ generosity in the spotlight makes people feel good.  

It’s a nice way to recognise supporters who are digging deep and a great way to incentivise others to get their share of some positive vibes. 

Event guests are bound to acknowledge their fellow bidders’ efforts, which will only make their time in the spotlight that little bit sweeter!


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