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It’s the flexible auction software with added muscle. GalaBid’s auction platform works hard to generate exceptional results, whatever your auction. From cattle to artwork, electronics to collectibles, GalaBid is easy to use and accessible via any mobile and desktop technology.

With competitive pricing and true custom design, GalaBid's auction solutions are designed to maximise the returns from your auction:
  • Build your business not a third party's portal.
  • Beautifully designed online catalogues bring auction items to life.
  • Bidders can participate on-site or remotely.
  • Speedy and secure payment processing.
  • Custom design showcases your brand, not ours.
  • Host via your own website.
  • Bidder data is yours. View registered bidders, including underbidders.
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How Does an Online Auction Work?

In short, exactly like a normal auction. Auction participants make bids online for auction items. The auction runs for a specified amount of time. At the end of the auction the highest bidder secures the item.

What Auctions Can Run On The GalaBid Platform?

Anything that can be put up for auction can feature on our online platform.  Examples include:

  • Cattle and livestock
  • Artwork
  • Vehicles
  • Machineryand electronics
  • Collectibles e.g. toys
  • Furniture

Demo Auctions

Cattle Auction Art AuctionMachinery Auction

Make your next next fundraising event a success

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silent auction feature

Mobile Bidding

Taking your event online means everyone can participate in your silent auction or raffle. From event attendees to supporters around the world, online access extends the reach of your fundraiser.

payment credit card fundraising

Instant Payment

Make purchasing simple with our instant payment system. Winning bidders can pay and checkout directly from their mobile device as soon as the auction closes.

alerts notifications feature auction

Mobile Alerts

Real-time mobile alerts make sure auction bidders stay in the loop. Automated notifications tell bidders when they’ve been outbid, or when an auction ends.

secure online fundraising system

Secure Payment

Our secure payment gateway offers confidence and peace of mind.

custom design module fundraising website

Custom Design

Make your raffle as unique as your event. Design flexibility means you can customise the raffle to showcase your prizes and your cause.