Insights From Childrens Medical Research

We regularly ask clients for feedback on how GalaBid software and services were received at their event. Here's what the lovely people at CMRI had to say:

Who was your main demographic in the room?

Corporate groups and affluent professionals. Some were long term supporters of Jeans for Genes and others were being introduced to us.

What features of GalaBid did you find particularly useful/beneficial to your event?

The ability to send out prizes to attendees in advance was particularly useful. Not only could people start bidding before the event, it also meant that people who didn't make it to the event could also bid. It was fantastic and we saw people bidding and competing with each other in the week before the event which was fantastic.

Were there any issues with people accessing GalaBid?

Not that we were aware of, and any minor issues that we raised were dealt with very quickly by GalaBid.

How did guests respond to GalaBid? Were there any particular features commented on? Did you receive any feedback from attendees about GalaBid?

Everyone was talking about how fantastic it was and how handy it was to be able to bid in advance. People found it really easy and our admin team were really pleased with the ease of use from a receipting perspective as well.

How did you find guests bidding via their mobiles (rather than on paper/handsets) impacted on your auction?

People were much more likely to bid. The fact that they were given notifications when they were outbid was really clever. People remarked several times that they had spent more than they intended because they got competitive with someone who was bidding against them.

Please provide an overall summary of your experience:

The team at GalaBid were fantastic. In the lead up to the event, they were available to provide support and information. They were very upfront about what the system was capable of and how we could best use it for our event. The system itself was easy to use, looked professional and really did encourage people to bid more before, and during the event. The team that was there to provide support on the night went above and beyond their duty to ensure that it ran smoothly. It was a really great experience and we would have no hesitation using GalaBid again and recommending them to any charity looking for an online bidding system.





GalaBid is CrowdComms’ fundraising software, developed inhouse, which facilitates bidding, donations, purchases, payment for and management of all fundraising activities before and during live fundraising events, galas, golf days etc.