Helpful hints to ensure your fundraising event is hassle-free

A charity fundraising event is an essential component of any nonprofits efforts to raising money. But behind the scenes it can sometimes be a daunting and stressful experience for even the most skilled fundraiser. So here, we've provided some handy hints to ensure that on the night your fundraising event runs smoothly.

Well-trained volunteers at your fundraising event

Enlisting an entourage of helpful volunteers and staff who are trained using GalaBid's electronic auction app will promote a high level of service resulting in higher bids and more donations. Having volunteers stationed at the help desk, auction tables and entry point(s) are always a good idea.

Moving around the crowd, your event staff can explain to guests the aim of the organisation and why it's important. They can answer questions, ask for donations, sell raffle tickets and prize draws and introduce the silent auction. Although most guests will want to bid from their own mobile device as it's convenient and will allow them to receive auction updates and outbid notifications, you can also offer a 'personal shopping' service. This way all guests will have the opportunity to get involved! Themed clothing or accessories are a great way to add some colour and really make them stand out.

Overplay signage at your charity event

Where should I park? Is there valet? What drinks are available? At what prices? The more signage the better! Large, clear, visible signs make a big difference to a guests' overall experience at your charity event. Utilising signage effectively will let guests know where they should go and what is available to them. It will keep people moving and minimise confusion in regards to registration, bidding and payment. Furthermore, good signage can anticipate questions that guests may have. This will ensure that volunteers are not overwhelmed with the same basic questions being asked over and over again, like 'where are the restrooms located' and allow them to focus on the more important things. Signage is also another excellent way to promote your brand, message and sponsors.

Stagger closing times for auction items

Sort your auction items into whatever categories make sense to you! Have signs to indicate where your guests can locate 'Luxury Holidays', 'Adventure Experiences' or 'Lifestyle Packages'. If someone knows what they are looking for, you want them to be able to find it... hassle-free.

Then, at the end of the night, stagger closing times for each category. Start with the smaller low-priced items and end with a bang - that is, the most valuable and fabulous prizes! Last call announcements for each category are not only a great reminder for guests to get involved but will help create a sense of urgency and ultimately encourage bidding wars.

Limited time, money or resources? GalaBid can help organise a hassle-free fundraising event with it's silent auction platform. Contact us now!





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