Boost your auction fundraising total with our no-risk auction items

We understand that sourcing auction items for bidders can be challenging at times. That's why we provide an extensive catalog of sale or return items, which helped fundraisers increase their average profit by 40.4% in 2022. The catalog is available to all users in our fundraising platform.

The process is risk free. If an item doesn’t sell at your auction, there's no charge!

How does our no-risk auction items catalog work?

When a GalaBid item sells in your auction all proceeds above the cost price are automatically directed to your Stripe account. Any that don’t sell are simply returned to the catalog, without any cost to you. Easy!  And, your winners are in very good hands. Our redemptions team takes care of the entire booking process. Any questions? Contact us.

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Why GalaBid Silent Auction Items?

GalaBid consignment makes sourcing auction items easy. We offer a wide range of options from once-in-a-lifetime experiences to physical items. All our items are provided by trusted suppliers that have been verified for exceptional quality and delivery standards. Find our more about our silent auction online, create your campaign for free, add items and start raising money for your need. The hardest part for you? Deciding which prizes your online fundraising supporters will love the most!

How Does Items on Consignment Work?

Consignment is a way of obtaining prizes without having to pay for them in advance, or source them from donors.

GalaBid provides consignment prize items to charities, non-profits and community organisations on a no-risk basis. This means if an item doesn’t sell at your online silent auction there’s no charge.

You can use consignment prize items for a variety of online fundraisers, including silent auctions and online raffles.

GalaBid offers a simple and transparent approach to consignment. If the item sells at your auction or raffle your cause gets every cent or penny over the item’s cost price.

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What Auction Items Will You Include in Your Next Online Fundraiser?

Tried and tested auction items like these are available to include in your online auction on GalaBid. Contact us for the latest no risk item catalogs.