Benefits of an Online Silent Auction

A traditional fundraising silent auction could be found at an event to raise money for charity or good causes.

They’d be a table or two packed with prizes for people to bid on. Bidders would make ‘silent’ bids via paper-based envelopes, or via digital devices. The highest bidder for each item won the prize.

While silent auctions are a great way to raise money, there’s a lot of work involved in booking a venue, organising catering and entertainment, hiring tables and chairs. Plus, finding people to volunteer on the night to help with organisation.  

Can you have all the fundraising power of a silent auction without it taking up huge amounts of time?

Go Digital!

If you have access to prizes but don’t want to spend hours and hours organising a physical event, an online, or digital, silent auction is a great way to raise money.

A digital silent auction is the same as a physical silent auction...except it all takes place online.

How it Works

Once you’ve collated your prizes, register for GalaBid and complete a few simple details. Connect your dedicated website to your Stripe account and you’re ready to go.

Upload the prize details and images to fundraising page, launch the campaign then send the link to as many supporters as possible. Prize bidding, auction close notifications, winner confirmations and payment is all managed either automatically or at the touch of a button.

Why It’s a Great Option

There are lots of reasons why running an online silent auction is easier and more effective than an in-person event:

1.     Saves Time

We’ve already talked about how organising a physical silent auction can be time consuming. GalaBid’s online silent auction platform is built to make setting-up and running your fundraiser super easy.  

Our simple to use software system requires no special skills, only the ability to use a mobile device and follow a short set of clear instructions.  

2.     Avoids Errors

A paper-based silent auction relies on fundraising organisers distributing bidding slips, collecting the slips and working out highest bids. It’s a process that can take a lot of time, and if slips are missed or misplaced errors can creep in.

An online silent auction delivers an accurate and error free fundraising process.

From managing bidding to issuing payment invoices, GalaBid’s silent auction software makes the fundraising process quick, easy and reliable.

3.     It’s Transparent

With an online silent auction everything is clear and up-front.  Every participant can see the bid progress on screen, as it happens in real time.

GalaBid’s fundraising platform issues automatic outbid and highest current notifications via email and SMS. This means supporters always have the opportunity to bid for prizes and know when they’re in the winning position or if someone has outbid them.

A reminder about when the auction is closing makes sure people have time to place final bids before the fundraiser finishes.

4.     Generates Lots More Bids

An online silent action can generate many more bids than a physical event.

Because you can launch your auction when you like and for as long as you like, you’re not limited to running it on a single night over a few hours.

More time gives more people the opportunity to participate.  A physical event means people have to commit to turning up. That might mean an element of organisation, such as booking babysitters or taking time from work. While people may be keen to support your fundraiser, they may not be able to participate because they can’t attend the physical event.

An online fundraiser means people can get involved whenever it suits them, whether that’s early in the morning or late at night. They can bid from the comfort of their own home, and  it only takes a few moments to bid.

The auction is accessible via a website link. This means you can send the fundraiser out across email, social media or via SMS.   And because the link is shareable there’s a good chance you’ll boost bids from people beyond your expected group of supporters.

5.     Makes Participation Easy

An online silent auction is an easy and flexible option for supporters.

GalaBid’s secure registration process means people can sign-up before the auction starts and be ready to bid once your fundraising campaign launches.

Want to create your online silent auction? Let’s Go!