Meet Your Dedicated On-Site Support Team

Whether you’re a first-time fundraiser or seasoned campaigner, there’ll be times when you need some extra support on the ground at your event.

Running a digital auction is a great way to boost revenue and delight guests, but what if you’d like extra help to get the most from the platform?

GalaBid’s onsite support is a key element of our service offering.  We have a team of experienced people who bring technical expertise and friendly service to hundreds of fundraising events every year.

Our onsite service includes:

·     Liaising with the AV team to ensure live display screens are ready for broadcast

·     Briefing volunteers on loading and using the digital platform 

·     Sending SMS reminders to alert bidders at key points of the auction e.g. closing notice or outbid notifications

·     Roaming the floor during the auction to help guests with the bidding platform

·     Setting-up the payment desk 

·     Manning the payment desk to take eftpos payment from prize winners

The GalaBid teams in Australia, Sydney, New Zealand and Ireland are there for you when you need to outsource your workload, upskill  volunteers and reduce stress levels!

The Team

We’re constantly thrilled by the feedback we get following customer interactions with our people.  Your GalaBid onsite team is guaranteed to be friendly, knowledgeable and confident. 

Want to meet a few of your on-site superstars?

Team Australia


Grant is the go-to guy for our clients when they need digital smarts and friendly service.  He’s cool, calm and guaranteed to make your auction run smoothly.


Never happier when interacting with fundraisers and their guests, Hugh helps make sure the digital auction experience is loaded with smiles.  

Team UK


Endless energy and a passion for fundraising means Henry is never short of creative ideas to help clients find their perfect onsite auction solution. 


A firm favourite with our UK clients, Alice brings professionalism and a can-do spirit to every fundraising event. 

Team Ireland


Energetic and enthusiastic, Stuart is regularly onsite at events applying his fundraising expertise to a wide range of fundraisers.

Team New Zealand


GalaBids' dynamo across the Tasman, Cathy deploys her considerable professionalism, energy and enthusiasm to help New Zealand fundraisers maximise their revenue.









GalaBid is CrowdComms’ fundraising software, developed inhouse, which facilitates bidding, donations, purchases, payment for and management of all fundraising activities before and during live fundraising events, galas, golf days etc.