Fundraising Spotlight: Zoofari Centenary Celebration

On Saturday 19th November, Taronga Zoo held its annual Zoofari Event. Working with GalaBid for the third consecutive year, the night was an incredible success, with Taronga Zoo exceeding their original target by a staggering 180%. Here's what they had to say… “Taronga Zoo's Zoofari 100 event was our most successful fundraising gala to date. We worked with GalaBid to arrange an online auction, lucky key and raffle. Customer service from Jasmine, Steve, Cecilia and Jordan in the lead up and at the live event was exceptional and really assisted in progressing the event smoothly. As anyone who has run a charity event would know, one of the most time-consuming aspects is arranging, collating and preparing prizes so it was invaluable to us that this process was as intuitive and well-supported by the team.” Shining the spotlight on the Zoofari Event, here is an exclusive insight into how the team at Taronga Zoo increased donor engagement and maximised profits for their Centenary Celebration. Boast a magical location The fabulous event featured a scrumptious dinner, some delightful entertainment, an exciting live and silent auction and even a few animal encounters. However, it was the location that made this event truly special. Celebrating 100 years of roaring, laughter, conservation, wonder and scientific research, the Zoofari Centenary Celebration was held at a one-off location in the heart of the Zoo. A magical marquee, created an experience like no other, overlooking the spectacular and unparalleled views of sunset on the harbour.   Differentiate yourself with a ‘lucky key' draw This year, Taronga Zoo offered guests the opportunity to participate in a lucky key draw. Guests were able to purchase a key for $200 each with a maximum of 150 keys being sold. At the end of the night, participants were then invited to see if their key was the one to open the lock to a magnificent Cerrone 18 carat white golf butterfly profile necklace valued at over $10,000. Thinking outside-the-box, the Zoofari team were able to boost donor acquisitions using this fun and unique fundraising strategy.   Watch your profits soar with a 'buy-it-now' raffle ticketing option Maximising raffle ticket sales can sometimes be challenging. However, with a show-stopping prize and a clever pre-set 'buy-it-now' raffle ticket option you can encourage donors to purchase multiple tickets, thus maximising ROI. Taronga Zoo promoted their raffle tickets on a sliding scale. This meant that supporters were able to purchase one raffle ticket for $100, three tickets for $250 or ten tickets for $500.   Make the most out of your volunteers A strong volunteer team is fundamental for fundraising success. Taronga Zoo offered a professional ‘personal shopper' service with volunteers purchasing raffle tickets and making bids on the guest's behalf. The benefit of having good volunteers is huge. Not only do they help raise more, they add can add an energy and passion to the live event.   Present an all-star cast of prizes By procuring a list of outstanding prizes from generous donors and simply using the resources that they had available to them, Taronga Zoo was able to inspire people to give and get guests digging deep.





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